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Marjon van Royen

living marjon close deur klein okMarjon van Royen (1957) is a Dutch journalist and foreign correspondent for the NOS Journaal, the public radio and television news channel.

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She started her career as a freelance journalist in Italy in the 1980s. From 1991-2003 she worked for the daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad, covering national news and the Balkan Wars (1994-1995). In 1996 she became the correspondent for Latin America, based in Mexico, working for NRC Handelsblad and the NOS.

In December 2000, she investigated the health impacts of aerial fumigations of coca cultivation in Colombia. She found that "because the chemical is sprayed in Colombia from planes on inhabited areas, there have been consistent health complaints [in humans]. Burning eyes, dizziness and respiratory problems being most frequently reported." In some areas, 80 percent of the children of the indigenous community fell sick with skin rashes, fever, diarrhoea and eye infections.

In 1993 she published her first book Italië op maandag (Italy on a Monday), which sold over 50,000 copies. In 2004, she published De nacht van de schreeuw ( The Night of the Scream ) about the absorbing account of a friendship between two women of very different classes and cultures.

She is currently based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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De nacht van de schreeuw


De pers:
‘Leest als een roman' NRC Handelsblad

‘Het Mexico dat Marjon en Sandra bij elkaar beleefd hebben staat in geen enkele reisgids' De Morgen

ISBN: 9789041707284
Oorspronkelijke Nederlandse uitgave:
Uitgeverij Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Amsterdam

Uitgave als Rainbow Pocket: februari 2009
Rainbow Pocketboek nr: 508
Prijs: € 7.95

Uitgeverij Fosfor heeft Nacht van de schreeuw opnieuw uitgegeven (Juni 2015). Nu ook als E-book (ePub zonder DRM / 178.000 woorden; leestijd ca. 15 uur / eerste druk 2005). Ook verkrijgbaar via bol.com.

Omslagillustratie: Wim Hardeman

Bekijk de foto's horend bij 'De nacht van de schreeuw'